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705, 2019

Բաց հրավերով գնումների հայտարարություն/ Open Bidding Announcement

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705, 2019
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U.S.-Funded Dashtadem Cultural Preservation Project Complete

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On April 30, 2019, U.S. Ambassador Lynne M. Tracy joined Deputy Minister of Culture Tigran Galstyan to celebrate the completion of a U.S.-funded cultural preservation project in Dashtadem. The project, funded by a $143,175 grant […]

2506, 2016
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AMAP renews panels at Khor Virap

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Getting ready for the Pope’s visit in Armenia, starting June 24: renewing and placing 10 interpretive panels (with companion mobile app) at Khor Virap, with a stunning view of the biblical Mt. Ararat, believed to […]

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CULTURe EXchange Platform (CULTUR-EXP) project third meeting

The CULTURe EXchange Platform (CULTUR-EXP) project third meeting  will be hosted by AMAP Human Development NGO and will take place on April 2, 2015 at Aygedzor Street 23, Yerevan 0012, Armenia.

In the past few years, I have been fortunate to be among the Americans who witnessed the natural beauty and history waiting to be discovered in Armenia. As you travel around this fascinating country, you are sure to run across one of the signs erected by AMAP. AMAP has done extraordinary work in researching and publicizing Armenian cultural heritage, and this year’s annual report documents that their work extends far beyond erecting signs and writing brochures. This record of accomplishment bears witness to the mutually supportive relationship that characterizes our work together. AMAP helps to cast light on the country’s past in order to illuminate the way forward. As the world becomes aware of Armenia’s history and potential, growth and investment will follow. We in the US mission are proud to be partners in this effort, through USAID and the Ambassador’s Cultural Preservation Fund, and our success in linking them with the multi-country Black Sea Silk Road Project, which you can read about in the report. I wish them success on this path for many years to come.
I had the opportunity to get to know AMAP a few years ago. For a foreigner saying “some years ago” already sounds strange taking into the consideration the character of the missions abroad, but Richard and me together have about 50 years of presence in Armenia. Richard Ney with Bella Karapetyan and Rafael Torossian and with a lot of other good collaborators, had begun projects with the aim of creating the conditions for the preservation of artistic heritage of Armenia. We started to collaborate almost immediately. The most important thing is certainly the assurance of the enormous amount of “raw material” in Armania and the work of awareness that AMAP has carried out and it does also today, tirelessly among great difficulties. This sector is also crucial for the economic development of Armania being able to appreciate its beauty and create many permanent jobs in such an important field. We have made progress but there is still much to do. AMAP has the characteristics of intellectual and featuring values to perform well in this work. The Honorary Consulate for Italy in Armenia will support whenever they need. Have a nice job!
Antonio Montalto, Honorary Consul of Italy to Gyumri

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