“AMAP” Human Development NGO announces an Open Bidding Invitation.

The winner of this Procurement Invitation will be offered a contract for the demolition of constructional waste from the ruins of “foreign” structures located inside the “Dashtadem” medieval fortress located in Dashtadem village of Aragatsotn marz (hereinafter referred to as the contract).

In order to receive a set of Procurement invitation documents, you need to contact the client before 11:00 am on October 11 by sending a request to the following e-mail address of AMAP office: anahit.amap@gmail.com, tel.: +374 10 532455 Anahit Vardanyan.

The electronic form of documents is provided free of charge.

Procurement Invitation Offers should be submitted in the sealed envelope to AMAP office: 101 P. Biuzand Str., entrance 1, Apt. 6, Yerevan 0002 till October 17 before 15:00.