At Ptghavan, AMAP installed 1 4×8 Rest Stop / village hand craft center, 1 information panel, 2 directional signs.

Tourist Rest Stops for Armenian Development

Vulnerable populations lay along the most important tour routes in Armenia yet they derive little (if any) economic benefit from visitors, the money form which is mainly spent in large urban areas, specifically Yerevan. At the same time, the social cohesion and development of the vulnerable population is in jeopardy, as youth and able-bodied workers from these depressed areas leave in search of income and what they perceive as a better life.

The project will help mitigate this problem by providing “rest stops” along the Armenian Silk Road we are establishing, stops that will combine rest area amenities with locally made and grown crafts, products and local services.

Communities participating in the project will receive sustainable income from selling locally made or provided goods and services at designated Silk Road Stops; gain capacity to continue producing, packaging and marketing goods and services in a standardized way for an international traveller market and in changing conditions; encouraged and empowered to seek alternative income opportunities that draw on the local community’s unique talents and skills (i.e. not just tied to the Silk Road project component); contribute to stopping the drain of talent and skills now inflicted on rural and vulnerable communities in Armenia.