This strategic plan has been developed by AMAP Human Development NGO (“AMAP”) in order to provide a disciplined approach to the management of AMAP over the next 5 year period.

Authors:  Richard Ney distilling contributions and ideas from Bella Karapetyan, Rafael Torrosian and AMAP current staff.

This is an exercise prompted this winter (2014) by AMAP’s board with current draft provided as a result of capacity testing by USAID in consideration of a pre-award for AMAP’s proposed “Bridges” project.  We have never done a strategic plan before, considering our size and programming to date, but since we have changed our charter and name, and are embarking on a variety of goals, this becomes an ideal time to assess our status and chart our new course.

This reflects the current (July, 2014) views of the staff of AMAP as we look to the future, namely “where do we want to be in the future?”

For more information please download the pdf file.