General Framework & Objectives

The overall objective is to enable the cross-border exchange of culture by providing an innovative, multi-lingual IT platform, based on available open source social platform solutions and adapted for culture producers (artists), culture operators (museums, festivals, etc.) and other actors of the culture market. The platform will be an online tool, where all entities related to the culture will be able to advertise, discuss and organize cultural assets and events in the region. The platform will also be an important source of information about the culture and related cultural events (artists, operators, events) for the culture consumers. There are three specific objectives:

  1. To provide the platform with the following functionalities:

User presentation module – will be used to create and store platform users’ own profile, the user presentation module will be able to support:

  • Artists: allow digitized samples of own art, express interest in types and geographical locations of performance events, interest in particular arts or culture areas.
  • Culture infrastructure owners: inventory of performance sites operated and available to artists, timetable of the events and availability.
  • Culture operators: description of activities, schedule of planned events.

Event scheduler – a sort of thematic calendar, where platform participants will be able to locate and advertise their events.

Culture browser – this module will provide a catalogue and search facility for any type of content on the platform. It will be tailor-made to enable searching the content (e.g. events) by art, region, operator, artist, etc. It is assumed that there will be a possibility to interface with 3rd party systems to provide the schedule for other important 3rd party events.

Collaborative tools – the popular collaboration tools (conference, chat) will be integrated so the platform users will be able to work online for preparation of common events.

Announcement boards – a functionality allowing for posting messages, announcements related to culture. Thematic discussion/reflection spaces – where users from different areas, cultures may freely participate and express their opinions on events, art, tradition.

  1. To provide rich content on the platform – by attracting, encouraging and training culture providers to advertise on the platform and to provide own cultural content.
  2. To ensure the uptake of the platform by the users – by disseminating, advertising, training activities.

Target groups: Culture producers, culture operators, infrastructure owners – artists, performers, art galleries, museums, theatres, cultural organizations, culture consumers including cultural tourism.