AMAP’s mission is to promote economic and social development (poverty reduction) on the local (rural) level through a) cultural heritage preservation and rural tourism development, b) cross-border cooperation with neighboring states c) raise awareness of cross-cultural and trans-national natural monuments and their need for protection and enrichment, all within the context of programs related to artistic, historical, natural, economic, scientific and social issues.

In short, we raise awareness, we promote development on the local (rural) level through cross-border activities in tourism and monument protection, and we build 21st century communication products and networks to achieve these goals.

AMAP Human Development NGO is dedicated to assisting sustainable development in cross-cultural fields.  We implement programs that combine artistic, historical, natural, and cultural heritage with programs on economic, scientific and social issues in order to promote sustainable development.  To date we have focused our work on raising awareness of cultural monuments in the context of local development and tourism, in Armenia and the region.  For this we create informational materials, online smart phone applications, tourism networks and cross-border opportunities to promote the development of local (rural) communities in Armenia and its adjoining neighbors, which in turn will promote preservation and ecologically-based protection of heritage products while providing economic incentives to communities.