Richard Ney
Richard NeyPresident and COP
AMAP is the art of revealing the unexpected and giving confidence to development.
Bella Karapetyan
Bella KarapetyanVice-President, Operations
AMAP is a family of individuals empowering each other with high commitment and professional dedication to the overall success of the organisation.
Rafael Torossian
Rafael TorossianVice-President, Design, Monitoring
AMAP is a small family where each member proudly contributes to the promotion of mutual understanding, respect and cooperation between nations.

Our Valuable Team Members

Alek Tamaryan
Alek TamaryanFinance Manager
We are proud to be part of AMAP.
Lilit Torossian
Lilit Torossian Compliance Officer, Finance Assistant
AMAP was the beginning of my career path. During the working years in AMAP I’ve learned team working and learned to believe in myself. But the most important thing is that in AMAP I found what interests me and what I can do well. AMAP is a part of my life and will always be no matter what, even if you go, you always come back….it’s like coming back home.
Anahit Vardanyan
Anahit VardanyanOffice Manager, Secretary and Translator
Harutyun Tadevosyan
Harutyun Tadevosyan Technical Supervisor, Logistics Coordinator
AMAP is a group of professionals, that I have a pleasure to work with …
Ashot Yervandyan
Ashot YervandyanProject Assistant

Our Emeritus Members

Armenuhi Ghazaryan
Armenuhi Ghazaryan
AMAP is where the vision is in every task you do.

Arpi Vartanian
Arpi Vartanian
AMAP is a way to share my Armenia with you.
I hope you love discovering it as much as I have.

Babken Juharyan
Babken Juharyan
Ed Buckingham
Ed Buckingham
AMAP represents the best of a small, multicultural group of highly motivated, highly dedicated people who want Armenia (and the region) to succeed.
Suren Movsisyan
Suren Movsisyan
AMAP is a combination of Great People, Great Working Atmosphere, Talented Professionals, who always strive for innovation and excellence in any single undertaking and who are always coming up with new, majestic initiatives and aspire us and others to “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD”!!!