TATON––the Turkish & Armenian Tour Operators Network––is an informal group of like-minded, forward–thinking tour operators in Turkey and Armenia, joining forces to create cross-border tour products for international and local tourists.

TATON members work together on cross-border tourism to attract high-value tourists and increase cross-border tourist packages for Eastern Turkey, Georgia and Armenia.


Contact new partners!

Cooperate on new cross-border opportunities!

Create new business!

  • Experiential Tourism Products

TATON members have exclusive access to our Experiential Tourism Inventory, a comprehensive list of unique touristic experiences that can only be found in this cross-border region. These experiences allow members to attract high-value tourists.

  • Online Meeting Space

TATON members have exclusive access to a private online space for members. Create your profile, choose your tourism areas of focus, and find TATON members with your same interests.

  • Meet Future Partners

TATON arranges periodic meetings between members from both countries. These meetings are designed to give you maximum contact with potential or existing cross-border tourism partners.

  • Workshops & Seminars

TATON members have exclusive access to periodic workshops and seminars to enhance their professional development. The workshops are designed to give members new tools to create fresh tour products and packages, resulting in improved tourism business.

  • Promotion

Exclusively for TATON members, we are initiating a multi-pronged campaign to promote the cross-border region as a unique and extraordinary touristic destination.

  • Targeted Social Media Advertising, including effective online promotions through the most popular social media outlets.
  • A Web Magazine devoted to this cross-border region, for the international tourist. The web magazine includes a direct link to all TATON members so web visitors can reach you immediately to book tours.
  • Familiarization (Fam) Tours for international tour companies to become acquainted with and promote this cross-border region and TATON members.
  • Discovery Tours for international travel writers and photojournalists to promote the region as a tour destination. Their articles, describing their visits to this region, will reach millions upon millions of readers around the world.
  • Special Events exclusively to promote TATON members’ cross-border tours.

Membership is free!

To join, or for more information,

contact us at armenia.amap@gmail.com

Inset Box: TATON is the most important idea to evolve from BRIDGES, a joint project between two forward-thinking development partners, AMAP Human Development NGO in Armenia and Ekonomistler Platformu in Turkey. Bridges fosters cross-border economic development through tourism.

TATON is an output of the USAID-funded BRIDGES Cross-Border Economic Development Program.