February 20-21, 2016, TATON (Turkish & Armenian Tour Operators Network) attended the Washington DC Travel and Adventure Show that was held at the Washington Convention Center.  Seven tour operators of the network attended the Show presenting their products and promoting the region under the booth “Mt. Ararat: Caravan of Dreams”.

A guaranteed tour package for Turkey, Georgia and Armenia, that TATON members have agreed to sell together. was also presented to potential customers.

The show was very successful with around 400 exhibitors and 25000 people attending. Over the 20% of the attendees stopped by the TATON booth.  It was impressive to see how informed the public was about the region in the DC area and how interested they were to visit. Attending Tour Operators made many contacts with future travelers, including those wanting to book tours for the 2016 season.

A special drawing for bottles of Armenian cognac, chocolate and other prizes was held at the booth which interested lots of attendees. One of the winners noted, “This is the best booth at the show!”

AMAP is so pleased to report that the Washington DC travel show was a great success! Attending Tour Operators made many contacts with future travelers, including those wanting to book tours for the 2016 season. We saw several B2B links occurring for each Tour Operator at the booth. Interests and awareness of Armenia and East Turkey was high, as we expected (this is the capital after all). We easily surpassed the attendance at the New York Times Travel Show.

We have also been offered a very good deal for next season's travel series, eight cities in the USA January-April 1. AMAP shall be working on this, with a more discerning eye for those who can take best advantage of this opportunity.

We had been offered a very good deal to attend San Francisco Show March 5-6, and could have done it if 6 TATON members were willing to donate 500 each. We have 2 Turkish Tour Operators willing to do this and one Armenian Tour Operators. Not enough to pay for the costs I am afraid, so we will pursue next year.