TATON Cross-Border meeting of Armenian and Turkish tour operators took place in Yerevan (Aviatrans hotel) on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. During meeting Mr. Richard Ney, President and Chief of Party AMAP Human Development NGO, introduced the goals, benefits of TATON (Turkish Armenian Tour Operators Network) and prototype of TATON website. H.E. U.S. Ambassador Richard M. Mills, Jr. highlighted the economic importance of the tourism sector and the value of cross-border cooperation. Mr. Christopher Doyle, Executive Director-Europe, Adventure Travel Trade Association shared insights into economic impact in rural communities calling out specific examples of Kalavan village, Armenia. Ms. Susan Spano, Travel Writer and Columnist (New York Times, LA Times, etc.) made presentation on “Attracting New Markets or What the North American Traveller Wants”. She stressed the characteristics of the high-end North American market. Mr. Sabahattin Alkan, Managing Director, Alkans Tour Travel Agency, Turkey discussed the cross-border tour packages, he also highlighted the possibilities of Aragats to Ararat cross-border tour package. Mr. Mekhak Apresyan, Head of Tourism Development Policy Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, stressed the existence of different kinds of very productive cross-border tour packages. Mr. Oguz Demir, President of Ekonomistler Platformu, Turkey, told that Armenia and Turkey need to build joint products through commonalities.
The presentations were followed by discussions between keynote speakers and tour operators.

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